Son of Venice, A Story of Marco Polo

Son of Venice, A Story of Marco Polo, by Dori Jones Yang, was published in June 2012.

Son of Venice continues the story begun in Daughter of Xanadu, set in thirteenth century China. In that book, Emmajin, an excellent archer and fictional granddaughter of Khubilai Khan, poured all her energy into her dream of becoming the first woman to join the army of the Mongol Empire. When she met Marco Polo, a traveling merchant from Venice, he fascinated her with stories of romantic love and caused her to question her heartfelt ambition to become a legendary warrior.

Son of Venice begins as Emmajin begins her journey to the West, assigned by Khubilai Khan to carry a letter to establish peace and cooperation between her homeland and Marco Polo’s. Marco is to travel in the same caravan. But a shaman’s warning of traitors and danger casts a shadow over their journey.

Told in alternating points of view, this book follows the adventures of Emmajin and Marco Polo as they head west along the Silk Road. They face battles, intrigue, sinister plots, and unexpected challenges to their unconventional love. Can Marco’s famed eloquence and cleverness help when Emmajin faces perils beyond any she imagined?

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The book is available in paperback and Kindle through Amazon, and through Barnes and Noble in NOOK format.

The good-looking young man pictured as Marco Polo on the cover is Andrew Rosenberger.