Gold award winner: Dori Jones Yang's new middle-grade novel 

BestBookAwards Winner 002Gold-Freeman-Award-LogoDori is thrilled to announce three awards for The Forbidden Temptation of Baseball.

In December, it won the 2017 Freeman Award for the Young Adult/High School literature about East and Southeast Asia, a prestigious new award that will be honored at the American Library Association mid-winter conference. 

In November, it was named 2017 Winner in the Children's Fiction category by Best Book Awards. Earlier, it also won Gold in the Pre-Teen Fiction--Historical/Cultural category in the 2017 Moonbeam Children's Book Awards. 

Moonbeam award

This book is written for young readers but thoroughly enjoyable to readers of all ages - including you!  Please check with your local bookstore or order on Eager to see your reviews!

Published by SparkPress on August 15, 2017, this book is available in bookstores and libraries nationwide, distributed by Ingram Publisher Services. It's great to support your local independent bookstore! You can find one through Indiebound. The book is also available in paperback through SparkPress (please support my publisher!) and in e-book through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.  Forbidden Temptation cover

The story: Twelve-year-old Leon struggles to balance the Emperor’s requirements—that he study English and keep the braid down his back—with his increasing love for all things American, especially the forbidden pleasures of baseball.

The Forbidden Temptation of Baseball is a lively, nuanced novel based on the real-life experiences of 120 boys sent to America by the Emperor of China in the 1870s, expected to live with American families, get into college, learn technology, and return home to modernize China.

Written for readers aged 10 to 14, this book highlights the challenges faced by children from other countries when they arrive in America. It is based on a little known story of U.S.-China relations and presents a very different perspective on the Chinese experience in the United States: not of laborers but of students. For more on The Forbidden Temptation of Baseball, including early reader reviews, click here.

Published in twelve languages, Dori Jones Yang has written, co-authored, compiled, and translated a wide variety of books, including historical fiction, biographies, oral histories, and children’s books. A former foreign correspondent based in Hong Kong, Dori is fluent in Mandarin and has specialized in books relating to China.

Dori's most widely read book, Pour Your Heart Into It: How Starbucks Built a Company One Cup at a Time, reached several best-seller lists and was translated into ten languages. Daughter of Xanadu is a historical adventure and romance about Marco Polo. Her first children's book, The Secret Voice of Gina Zhang, won two awards.

 To find out about Dori's published books, click on the Books page. For a complete list of books she brought to life, click here.