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by Cynthia Kadohata, ages 10 - 14,   2005 Newbery Medal winner

Be prepared for sadness as well as beauty when you read this glittering novel. Katie adores her older sister, Lynn, who helps her when they move from Iowa to Georgia in the 1950s. They are among only 31 Japanese Americans in their new town, and their parents work hideously long hours in a non-unionized poultry plant and hatchery.  Yet they enjoy camping trips, their baby brother, and special moments together, staring at the stars. Lynn has a special way of viewing the world, seeing joy in everyday things.

When Lynn starts to feel tired and sick, no one realizes how serious her illness is. Still devoted, Katie spends long hours with her sister as the illness gets worse. Heartbreaking as this story is, it is also funny, poignant, compelling, and inspiring. Lynn’s dream was to go to college and to live by the sea in California, and Katie wants to keep her dreams alive. Because of Katie’s fresh and detailed way of telling her story, you will come to love her family as if it were your own. 

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