Shooting Kabul

shooting kabulby N.H. Senzai

How wonderful to have a book for children about a 12-year-old Afghan boy who leads an ordinary life in California: He worries about bullies at school and yearns to join the photography club. The boy in this book, Fadi, also has a deeper concern: his little sister, Mariam, who was lost when his family fled the Taliban. Filled with guilt about her loss, he searches for a way to go back and find her. A moving, lovely, tension-filled story, Shooting Kabul is a rare combination: a book that American kids can relate to but also one that conveys the complexities and nuances of Afghanistan before and after 9-11. This book is refreshing and compelling - and it keeps you guessing about the ending!

Best-selling author Tamora Pierce says, "If I had my way, SHOOTING KABUL would be required reading for 6th graders."  I agree!

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