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Final book tour report - by the numbers

Somerset 1

My book tour and school visits have been exhilarating. I tell kids the best part of being a writer is talking about my books to enthusiastic listeners.

During my 18-day book tour of New England and New York, I spoke at 10 schools and 5 other venues, giving my book talk a total of 25 times. I spoke at elementary, middle, and high schools, public, private, and charter, in English and Mandarin. I also spoke at two museums, two colleges, and a library. I spoke to nearly 1200 people and sold 85 books. I slept in 10 beds at 4 hotels and 6 friends’ homes. I reconnected with 16 Princeton classmates and dined with 15 other friends, some old, some new. I reconnected with an editor from my Business Week days and a family friend from childhood, as well as six friends from The Daily Princetonian.

Back in the Seattle area, I have spoken at 6 schools and led a teacher workshop at University of Washington, as well as a national webinar. 

I definitely "poured my heart into it" as far as book promotion! Hope lots of kids and adults will find out about The Forbidden Temptation of Baseball and enjoy reading it. 

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